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Car Lockout Experts

MJB Lock Services is the best in the business for car lockouts. Many in the industry still use an air wedge and pole to unlock cars. We have found that the wedge and pole method works well, but can leave damage. In the search for the perfect car lockout solution, we found the Lishi. Now we are able to unlock nearly every car door on the road with lock picks. For zero risk of damage, contact MJB for your car lockout solution.

Honda Odyssey – High Security Lock Picked

Where do we service?

Our service professionals are dispatched from Maple Grove, MN. We will travel nearly anywhere in the Twin Cities or Outwards from the North West Metro. For a more detailed list check our service area.

Cost of Car Lockout Service

The cost of a car lockout can vary from $65.00 – $125.00. The amount completely depends on make, model, year, and location. We will provide a 100% flat rate price for the lockout service over the phone.

Makes We Can Pick

  • Domestic Auto
    • Ford, Lincoln, Mercury –  1997 – 2019
    • GM Line – 2000 – 2019
    • Chrysler Line – 1997 – 2019
  • Foreign Auto
    • Acura Honda 2000 – 2019
    • Nissan 2000 – 2019
    • Lexus – Depends
    • Mazda
    • Mitsubishi

Speciality Makes

  • BMW and Volkswagen
    • Door Unlock
    • Trunk Unlock
    • Glove Box Unlock

Special Lockout Cars

BMW and Volkswagen are our two specialty auto makes. We can open nearly any door, trunk, or glove box. The importance comes in when your keys are locked in your trunk. The pole and wedge will still get you into most of these cars, but sometimes you are still locked out of your trunk. Our picks bypass this lockout situation quickly.

Car Lockout Reviews

Locked my keys in my car at work and called on the off chance hey would be able to run over on my break and help me out quick and, with the drop of a hat they took my info, location and arrived 15 mins later and it was just so convenient, friendly, and quick. Would recommend to anyone.


More Reviews

Saved one of our vehicles from a lockout. They were quick and exactly as quoted! Definitely going on the speed dial! Thanks guys!

Techwarrior Technologies LLC

More Reviews

Incredibly rapid response and great service. I locked my keys in the car at the movies. I was back in the movie in less time than it would have taken to get popcorn.

-Amber Rist

Car Lockout FAQ

  • There is tons of DIY information on car lockouts, are those good to follow?

The ones that I have found online are not good to follow. I have watched plenty of damaging methods used and advertised as non-damaging. Every car door frame and weather stripping is different. Blindly shoving metal rods between frame and door can scratch, bend out, and dent car doors. I have seen so many nice vehicles ruined because of unsuccessful DIY car lockout attempts

  • What documentation is required?

We look at drivers license and insurance before or directly after performing the service. I often get asked what I would do if the car was not theirs. The answer: toss the keys back in the car and lock the door!

  • How long does it take to get the keys out of my car?

Once we are onsite, the car door is typically opened within minutes. On the long side, it has taken up to 20 minutes to unlock a car.