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Emergency Automotive Locksmith

MJB provides emergency automotive locksmith services such as car key replacements and lockouts. We pride ourselves on our straight-forward pricing, competitive rates, and excellent customer service. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. We are family owned, operated, and ready to respond to your locksmith needs.

The most common services we provide you are lockouts and car key replacements. If you have found yourself locked out or missing your car key, we offer a competitively priced, quick solution. Dealerships are more expensive, time consuming, and require the car at their shop(towing charges). We will come to the car and produce a new key on the spot. We value your time and respond as quickly as possible to get you on your way!

High Security Key Cutter
  • Support Most Makes and Models
  • Roadside Car Key Cutting and Programming
  • High Security and Standard Security Keys
  • Turn Key or Push To Start
  • Remote Sales and Programming
  • Highly Specialized

We are focused on automotive key making services. This specialization allows us to provide support for nearly any vehicle. This includes but is not limited to:

  • American Makes (Ford, Chrysler, and GM Line)
  • Foreign Makes(Acura, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, etc.)
  • Specialty Cars(BMW and Volkswagen)

In most situations, we are the cost effective choice. Automotive keys have gone along ways in terms of technology. 20 years ago, a car could be started with a standard key as everything was mechanical. Automotive companies needed to better secure their products. This was the birth of the transponder system. Unknown to many, locksmiths can produce keys and program the chips roadside. There is no need to pay towing and sometimes outrageous dealership prices. If you have misplaced or lost your key, call MJB!

Ford Unlock and Decode Tool
  • Unique Car Opening Techniques
  • Quickly Preformed
  • Dispatched Immediately
  • No Risk of Damage
  • Fairly Priced

We pride ourselves on offering you the best car lockout experience we can. We will dispatch immediately to your location, and gain entry without the risk of a scratch. Most locksmiths use an air wedge and pole to unlock vehicles. There is nothing wrong with this method of entry. If performed correctly, there will be no damage. Although we are fully trained in the use of the air wedge and pole, we use specialty tools to pick your and unlock the door. We mimic the use of a key instead of opening a gap between the door frame and car frame. No damage, not even a risk of a scratch with MJB!

What Can We Do?

We have an extensive list of automotive vehicles that we can cut and program keys for. Subsequently, automotive technologies have grown immensely over the years. Our technicians possess the experience and equipment required to get you back on the road. Also, we are currently able to cut the internal and external high-security track keys. This includes high security keys for Honda, Volkswagen, and BMW.

MJB Lock Services always tries to produce a key in the most cost effective way! Therefore, we rarely purchase your code with VIN. Instead we use skill-based tools and progression to make your key replacement! This allows us to pass savings onto you!

MJB technicians also use these tools for car lock outs when we can. Many companies that offer lockout services tend to use an air wedge to obtain a gap between frame and door. Then they insert a pole through the crack to operate a function inside the vehicle to unlock the car. This can leave marks, weaken the doors structure, or compromise the doors seal. We used skill-based tools when available to go through the keyway instead. This allows us to open the door in the same manner your key would.

Sometimes there is still a concern about damage to the vehicle. In this instance we can use the VIN number to purchase the cuts to your car. At this point, we can just cut a key and you are on your way! We service Maple Grove and surrounding areas. For an emergency service or to setup an appointment, call today, contact us.

Growing Company

MJB Lock Services has been providing automotive locksmith services for over five years. We are a growing company, and we are constantly seeking new cars to add to our list. Transponder and key technology is continuing to grow, and MJB will be right there!

We currently have multiple automotive key programmer; however, some vehicles require specialized programmers, flashing equipment, and other equipment. We are in the process of acquiring new technology everyday. Recently, we have increased our range of Volkswagen and BMW.