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Automotive Locksmith Services

  • Car Key Replacements
  • Car Key Duplicates
  • Car Unlocks
  • Lock Fixes

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Residential Locksmith Services

  • Rekey Locks
  • Change Locks
  • House Unlock
  • Deadbolt Installations
  • Lock Fix

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Unlock Services Maple Grove

  • Non-Damaging
  • Pick and Bypass Experts
  • Fast Response in Maple Grove
  • Best Pricing

Maple Grove Locksmith

Maple Grove is the home town and dispatch city of our locksmith technicians. We have been members of the Maple Grove community for over 20 years. Growing up and being part of the community has been a wonderful experience. Our technicians have gone to school and worked in Maple Grove for years. As a result, we have developed relationships and a strong sense of community. Therefore, we ensure that members of the Maple Grove community are taken care of! If you are in need of a locksmith in Maple Grove, call us for the local locksmith advantage:

  • Best Pricing
  • Quickest Response time
  • Friendly Local Technician

We can offer the best pricing and quickest response because of close proximity. Locksmiths spend most of their day driving from location to location. The further the distance from our location the longer it takes, the more it costs. If you are in need of a locksmith in Maple Grove, call MJB.

Tips From A Locksmith

-When you purchase a new house, always get the locks rekeyed.

Getting your locks rekeyed when your purchase a new house is an absolute must. Although you may know or trust the previous owner, there is no way to know who has an existing key. Neighbors, contractors, family, or even children’s friends could all have a key. The only way to ensure key control is to have the locks rekeyed.


We have heard of many companies that change prices on customers once they are onsite. As locksmith professionals, we know what is required to complete the work when you are on the phone. This allows us to stay true to our phone quote. The price will not change unless the work does. For an honest, upfront Maple Grove locksmith, call MJB.

Price Does Not Change

Google Review –

Saved one of our vehicles from a lockout. They were quick and exactly as quoted! Definitely going on the speed dial! Thanks guys!Techwarrior Technologies LLC

What Separates Us

  • Best Lockout Methods
  • BMW Unlocks and Key Origination
  • Volkswagen Lockouts and Replacement Keys
  • Unique Lock Picks – Lishi
  • Fast, Friendly, and Reliable
  • Customer Service Background

Maple Grove Quick Response Locksmith

We pride ourselves in dispatching immediately, arriving on time, and completing the job correct and quick. Our Maple Grove customers typically receive the quickest in response times. As one customer put it:

Incredibly rapid response and great service. I locked my keys in the car at the movies. I was back in the movie in less time than it would have taken to get popcorn.” –Amber Rist

Google Reviews

Fast and easy! I called and he was there in 20 minutes and got the car unlocked in under 3 minutes! I highly recommend them! I appreciate their service fast, friendly, and easy! Definitely not expensive either!Jenny Naxay

My wife and I locked ourselves out of our house with our 1 yr old daughter in the evening, and Matt was there in less than 15 minutes. Great service and price, did not damage our lock whatsoever. Very professional, 100% recommended.D Davis

Maple Grove Security News

Most burglaries happen when someone has left a door unlocked, open, or valuables unattended. This is true in Maple Grove as well as the surrounding areas. This article lists many of the crimes committed in Maple Grove. The basic steps to help prevent theft:

  1. Lock your doors
  2. Make sure they are closed all the way
  3. Do not leave valuables sitting unattended
  4. Ensure exposure (motion lights) at weak entrance points


I have lost the last key to my car. Can you make a new one?

-Yes, we currently have the technology to cut and program nearly all car keys. This includes high security keys (side milled) keys.

Can you program a new push to start remote?

-Yes, there is surprisingly little difference between standard turn key ignitions and push to start enabled vehicles.

Do I need to come to you?

-No, we are located out of Maple Grove, but we travel almost anywhere. We are fully mobile and ready to take care of your needs onsite.

Should I rekey or change my locks?

-Rekeying the locks is typically the most cost effective way to establish a new key. If the lock is broken, worn out, or on a different keyway, the lock may need changed (replaced) instead of rekeyed.

During the unlocking process, does my lock get damaged?

-No, the methods we use to unlock or bypass a lock does not damage the lock or door in any way. As soon as we are done, the lock is back and ready to be used with a key!

How long does it take to unlock a car?

-How long the process takes can vary depending on location and type of car. If you are in Maple Grove, we will likely be onsite in less than 20 minutes. Unlocking a car can take anywhere from less than a minute to five or ten minutes.