Locksmith Corcoran, MN

Locksmith Corcoran, MN

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Corcoran, MN Locksmith Services

Emergency Services

  • Lockout
    • Car
    • Truck
    • Trunk
    • House
    • Business
  • Tubular Lock Lockout
  • Storage Unit Lockout
  • Car Key Replacements
  • Lock Rekey

Whatever emergency you are in, MJB is here for you!

Automotive Services

  • Car Key Replacement
    • Push Button Ignitions
    • Key Turn Ignitions
  • Remote Programming and Replacement
  • Ignition Repair
  • Car Key Cutting
    • High Security Key Cutting
    • Standard Key Cutting
  • Door, Trunk, Ignition Key
  • Car Key Spare

In Home Services

  • Lock Rekey or Change
  • Lockout
  • Door Adjustments
  • Key Exaction and Origination
  • Deadbolt Installation

If you have an issue in home, the locksmiths at MJB are here for you!

Locksmith Serving Corcoran MN

We service people in Corcoran, MN who need locksmith assistance every week. MJB is locally owned and operated. We carry all required insurance, bonding, and licensing, and our technicians have plenty of field experience. if you require a locksmith who serves Corcoran, MN, MJB is here for you at the drop of a hat. We are your key replacement, home, and lockout experts!

We are a locksmith service provider based out of Maple Grove, MN, but we offer our services to our neighbors in Corcoran, MN and the surrounding areas at the home town rates.

Tip From a Local Locksmith

-Remove your garage door opener from your cars at night.

A common method used to gain entrance to a house is through the garage door. Garage door openers are often sitting in a visible location inside the car. If entrance is gained into the car, it is a free ride into the home. Take the garage door opener out at night to improve the security of your home. Alternatively, use the lock button inside your garage. Here is a Facebook post about garage door openers.

What Separates Us

  • Unique Lockout Techniques
    • Automotive Specific Lock Picks
    • Sight Read and Decode Keys
    • Absolutely No Damage
  • BMW Specialization
    • Key Programming
    • Remote Programming
    • Lockouts
  • Volkswagen Specialization
    • Key Cutting and Transponder Programming
    • Non-Damaging Lockouts

Google Review

I contacted MJB last minute to do a house rekey. They were great! Showed up right on time and got the rekey done quickly. They also showed me a few things to watch out for with my locks and taught me some interesting stuff about locks in general. Would definitely use them again!

Christopher Davis – Local Guide

Yelp Review

They are absolutely awesome. I needed to get my condo rekeyed and Mike came out the same day finished rekeying my place in like 30 minutes and helped me understand how to best secure my home. Not only did he provide excellent service but at a great price. I am grateful I found him and I would recommend this business to anyone looking for lock services.

Schevita P.


When you call MJB, you are talking to a locksmith. We know what is required to complete a job and give out our quotes accordingly. The main factors in pricing are drive distance, parts, and labor. In Corcoran, MN, you are our neighboring city, and will receive home town rates and response times!

Response Times

Our response times to Corcoran, MN is within 20 minutes. Most Corcoran lockouts are resolved within 30 minutes of the phone call. If you need a locksmith who serves Corcoran, MN, we will dispatch immediately to your address and solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Corcoran, MN Security News

Residents of Corcoran, MN have a lot of the same security challenges as others; however, the houses are spread out quite a bit. The increase in space between houses can also lower risk of being seen. You can increase this risk by adding motion censored lights, cut down shrubbery, and have camera coverage. If you have nearby neighbors, help each other out by keep watching and communicating.


Can all my locks use the same key?

-There is one major test to determine if all your locks can be keyed the same. Take a key that works one of your locks and see if it fits into all the other locks. The key does not need to turn the lock, but it does need to enter the lock. If your key will enter all the locks, those locks can be re-pinned to match one key.

Why does my car fob come with an emergency key?

-This is a fail safe incase your battery dies. You can use the key to gain entrance to the vehicle. Then you can use your cars learning slot or push the start button with the remote (depends on make/model/year) to start the car.

Can all house locks be picked?

-In short, all house locks and be picked, bypassed, or circumvented in some way without damage most of the time. There are many locks that have failed or do not operate as intended for whatever reason. These locks often require different methods to get open.

Are electronic locks more secure?

-If the electronic deadbolt has keyed entry, then it is only as secure as the keyway used. In most situations, an electronic deadbolt is no more secure than a standard one; however, they do offer many other benefits. The major benefits include:

  • Children do not require a key to gain access
  • Keyless Entry Convenience
  • Some Track Entry and Exit on the Door