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Residential Locksmith

If you are looking for a residential locksmith, MJB Lock Services is here for you. MJB technicians provide several services for the home owner, and we do it at an affordable rate. We focus our efforts in Maple Grove, MN and the surrounding areas. Our technicians have the ability to provide solutions for your lock and key needs.


Emergency Services

  • Lockout
  • Lock Fix
  • Key Extraction
  • Rekey

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Residential Locksmith

Scheduled Services

Residential Locksmith

Why Us

  • Quick & Reliable
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • Friendly Technicians

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About Services

MJB Lock Services provides several services. We can schedule appointments or respond quickly to emergency situations. The most common services we have requests for are rekeys, lockouts, and hardware installations.

Rekeys are a way to establish or maintain  key control. Almost all exterior doors use a pin tumbler style lock. These locks operate off of driver and key pins. The key pins vary in size to match the current operating key. When these are changed to different sizes, the original key will no longer work the lock, and we will issue you a new key. Therefore, this is a simple way to ensure you know who has your keys. Learn More!

Lockouts are unfortunate but they happen to everyone. Our technicians follow a process with all lockouts. First, we analyze the lock and attempt to open via non-damaging methods (covert or bypass). Second, we will try to open using techniques that may leave marks, but the lock will still operate and be secure. Last, if all else fails, we will take a destructive approach. Consequently, there is no additional cost to you regardless of our approach.

Another very popular request is the installation of deadbolts. There are two request we get. First, we get requests to install a deadbolt on a door without one. It is important that exterior doors have deadbolts. Handles can generally be bypassed quite easily. Second, we get requests to upgrade to an electronic deadbolt. Consequently, we will install the deadbolt and ensure that you know how to operate the lock.

MJB technicians offer several services to the home owner. We focus on ensures we can complete your project with only the highest quality of workmanship. If you find yourself needing a residential locksmith, MJB is here for you. Contact us today!