Lock Talk: Key Control

Lock Talk: Key Control

    Key control is an idea that addresses security concerns based around the key itself. It is an important aspect to the security behind any lock, because your security starts with the key. Rekeying your locks is the first step to ensure the integrity of your lock and key system. After that, good key control practices will help you maintain. Key control is important from the new home owner, who needs a new key for their house, to those who need large master key systems. Consequently, key control involves different types of keys, choosing your key, and implementing proper key practices. 

Unrestricted Keys

  • Very Common
  • Easily Duplicatable
  • Simple to Visually Decode
  • Effortlessly Reproducible

Do Not Duplicate Keys

  • Slight Security Increase
  • Easily Duplicatable
  • Simply Decoded
  • Easy Reproduction
Lock Talk: Key Control

Patented Keys

  • Medico M3
  • Key Blanks Controlled
  • Keys Acquired Through Contract
  • Copies Require Authorization

Factory-Only Keys

  • Highest Level Key
  • Authorization Needed to Acquire Duplicates
  • Key Ordered Through Factor
  • Medico Offer Factory Only Program 

Locksmith Keyways

  • Not Available Outside Locksmith
  • Adds Significant Security and Control
  • Difficult to Cut
  • Tough to Reproduce


There is several considerations to take into count when looking at your key control key. First, the more secure a lock and key is, the higher the price point. Therefore, cost is a significant consideration. Second, how many will have or need access to the key. The smaller number of people: the easier it would be to maintain key control with less restricted keys. Therefore, consider your situation, needs, and budget, and go with what makes the most sense to you.

Good Key Practices

    Whether you go with a factory-only key or the most basic, ordinary key, good key practice can help increase your level of security. If you own a small business, consider getting keys uniquely stamped to keep track of who should have what key. A simple numbered stamp system can help you keep track of all your keys. In addition, ensure that you are at minimum using Do Not Duplicate keys. Although some will duplicate these keys, many will not without an onsite visit and proof of authorization.

Other Tips

  • Rekey if key lost of stolen
  • Avoid Keys with Cut Code Stamped in
  • Manage Access through Master Key System