Lock Talk: Deterring Burglary – Become Less Appealing

Deterring Burglary

Implementing a strong deterrent system in your household can decrease your chances of becoming a victim to a burglary. A deterrent is putting certain details in place to be less appealing to a burglar. In this article, we will cover different actions that can be taken to increase your home security.

Well Lit Property

A significant step in decreasing the appeal of your property is to make sure it is well lit. There are battery operated motion sensor lights that can be mounted easily, so you do not have to hire someone to come out for a complicated install. Install these lights to illuminate any entry into the house and well hidden areas. The addition of motion sensor lights will significantly decrease the appeal of your home to burglaries.

Maintain Exterior of Home

Unattended yards are viewed as easy targets. Trim tall  bushes, mow the lawn, and shovel the snow in your driveway. In addition, ensure your mail is picked up. If you go on vacation, cancel your mail delivery until you return. All of these steps will make it difficult for a burglar to know when you are away.

Deadbolt on Exterior Doors

Deadbolts are a staple of home security, and they are your first line of defense. Examine and ensure that you have deadbolts on all your exterior doors. Deadbolts offer a strong barrier. Installing and using a deadbolt can greatly increase the difficulty of gaining entrance into your house.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood watch programs can also decrease the appeal of your home to a burglar. Moreover, active neighborhood watch programs can increase the security for everyone on the block. The direct partnership a community based program has with law enforcement will help ensure your security.

Lock Doors and Windows

KEEP YOUR DEADBOLTS LOCKED. This will not only keep your house more secure, but also increase the odds that forced entry will be required to gain access. When falling victim of a burglary, signs of forced entry can make everything easier with the police and insurance.

Create List of Valuables

You should also keep a list of all valuables. I would suggest keeping this offsite in a different secure location. You will be enabled to keep a running inventory of your valuables. In case something happens, burglary or fire, a list like this can make life much easier after the fact..

Use Technology

The use of modern technology can significantly increase the protection of your home. Timing devices for lights and security systems are becoming common place and easy to acquire. Use this to your advantage to make a would be burglar think you are home!

Keep Travel Plans Off Internet

Do not announce travel plans on the internet. Social media has become a prime spot to find empty houses. Instead, wait until you are home to share your experience with friends and family.

Own Big Dog

There are many deterrents you can use inside of your house as well. First, owning a dog can be a big deterrent. There is something about the bark of a dog that will make anyone think twice about entering.

Keep a Safe

Get a good safe to keep valuables in. A good safe will help protect many important things in your life. Bottom line, even with preventative measures in place, burglary can still happen. It is best to prepare for the worst case. Consequently, purchasing a good safe can limit loss to valuables.


Install cameras on your property. Wireless cameras are widely available on the internet, and they have become affordable. In addition, wireless cameras are able to be mounted without any complicated undergoing. Consequently, using these different techniques can greatly decrease your chances of becoming the victim of a burglary.   


Many burglars are looking for easy targets. Implementing steps to deter burglars can significantly increase your home security. Many of these steps are cheap and easy. Others are more difficult or expensive to implement, but they can all make a difference. Although deterrents are not going to work every time, it is important to develop and maintain good security practices in your home.