Kwikset Smartkey – Rekey with Existing Key

Smartkey – Rekeyed

Rekey Process with Existing Key

The Kwikset Smartkey is designed to be rekeyed by the user. As long as you have a working key, it is a relatively simple and straightforward process.

First, you insert the key into the lock and turn it 90 degrees. This step puts the lock into its rekey position. It is the only position that will allow a rekey to occur.

Second, insert the rekey tool into the hole and push gently. The rekey tool will push the sidebar assembly back. The lock will no longer retain the key.

Third, remove the original key. Note: Do Not Remove the Rekey Tool

Last, insert the new key and remove the rekey tool. The lock will now be set to the new key.


Can Kwikset Smartkey be rekeyed without an existing key?

Yes! The process and be completed two ways. The first is with a Kwikset Cradle. The cradle is sold at most stores and comes with a set of directions to follow. The second method includes taking disassembly, but the process is not to difficult. Here is more information on rekeying a Smartkey without an existing key.