BMW Additions

New Addition(BMW) Replace Lost Keys

Learning how to make automotive keys has been quite the experience. BMW has been an especially fun journey. End result? We are currently offering same day replacement keys for BMW's with an EWS system. Essentially, if you have the diamond shaped key, we can make you a key(few exceptions). Check here for more information on individual makes.

We are competitively priced with the dealership for all keys lost. Unlike the dealership, we offer same day services, but the keys we have access to are aftermarket. For duplicates we are simply cheaper then the dealership.

BMW Programming

For most vehicles we can plug into the vehicles OBD2 port and access programming functions. BMW is entirely different. We must remove your EWS from your car. Connect it to our laptop and directly read/write data from the chip. This process is significantly more difficult and fragile compared to the dealerships process.

Newer Style

new style highsecurity BMW key

Older Style

Old Style BMW HS Key

Dealership vs MJB

The methods used between the dealership and locksmith differ. The dealership simply orders a replacement key for your BMW. We have several steps and they only work for BMW. First, we must pick your door or ignition to acquire the cuts of your key. Second, we need to remove your EWS from the vehicle. Third, we must program the key using your cars computer. Finally, everything needs to be put back into the car, and you are ready to go! We are required to take your EWS out of your car, program a new key directly from your cars computer.