Automotive Key Replacement Growth (Lost or Stolen Keys) – Maple Grove Automotive Locksmith

When your car key has been lost or stolen, it can be a hassle to get a replacement. Dealerships are often ready and able to replace your lost or stolen automotive key; however, they also require the car to be at the dealership. You would need to tow your car and pay for the car key. This requires a lot of time and money. Our company focuses on coming out to you and getting you on the road while saving you money and time.

We started out servicing most Ford and GMs. We have recently opened up most Chrysler, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, Kia, and Hyundia. In addition, we can take on some Toyota and Volkswagen years. We are continuing to grow in ability and stock everyday! If we are unable to assist you with your key, we refer to a competitor to ensure your problem is addressed by a professional.

If you are worried that someone may possess your lost or stolen key, our professionals have the ability to erase car keys for your system. Generally speaking, all keys you wish to work the vehicle will need to be present to complete the process. This is required because the erasing process gets rid of all the keys. The keys present can then be reprogrammed to the car ensuring that the lost or stolen key cannot be used to start your car.

Our current stock consists of mostly standard keys; although, we do carry some remote head keys, fobs, and proximity fobs. We are purchasing new keys and fobs all the time to ensure we have what you need in stock. If you need a professional automotive locksmith to come out and make you car key in Maple Grove, MN or surrounding areas, give us a call and we will dispatch immediately. Also, if you would like to know more about the processes we use to originate visit our Automotive Key Making Article.